The Real You Prizes Winners 2023

The Real You

Meet the winners of the inaugural The Real You Prizes and learn from these trailblazing students.

Strong Students, Strong Societies

Winner of The Real You Prize for Community Collaboration

Dunoon Grammar School

Scotland, United Kingdom

Dunoon Grammar School in Scotland has developed skill-based courses to turn around a brain drain in its rural community.

“Community Collaboration allows young people to achieve their potential by allowing them to take part in activities that actually are real learning experiences.” – Paul Gallanagh, Principal Teacher

Winner of the The Real You Prize for Environmental Action

Bonuan Buquig National High School

Dagupan, Philippines

Bonuan Buquig National High School in Dagupan City, Philippines, restored lost mangroves to reverse the environmental devastation caused by Typhoon Pepeng impacting its students and local community.

“We cannot prepare the future for our learners. But we can prepare them for the future.” – Lin Ventenilla, Teacher

Winner of The Real You Prize for Innovation

Escuela Emilia Lascar

Peñaflor, Chile

Escuela Emilia Lascar in Peñaflor, Chile, launched its own TV channel to keep students engaged during COVID and it has gone from strength to strength.

“Evidently, technology by itself is useless. It should rather open new paths for the development of skills and abilities: personal and emotional.” – María Elena Fernández, Principal

Winner of The Real You Prize for Overcoming Adversity

Project Shelter Wakadogo

Gulu, Uganda

Project Shelter Wakadogo in Gulu, Uganda, was founded in the wake of war and now educates over 450 children with one of the highest student retention rates in the country.

“This community is so resilient. When there are problems, we come together. We discuss the way forward, and we find a solution.” – Odong Charles Kigundi, Head Teacher

Winner of The Real You Prize for Supporting Healthy Lives

Curie Metropolitan High School

Chicago, United States

Curie Metropolitan High School in Chicago, US, breaks down barriers for students impacted by the area’s violent crime and promotes wellbeing through an extensive art programme.

“The arts support healthy lives in a number of ways working with the whole child, to contextualise ideas, to be part of a community, and the creativity then enables them to go on and be successful in whatever they choose.” – Melinda Wilson, Arts Teacher

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