Top 10 finalists 2024 on their way

Stay Tuned to Discover the students named in the Top 10 shortlists for The Real You Prizes 2024.

Learn and be inspired by students from all over the world who are transforming their lives.

These are the stories of exemplary students that, in the shadow of a global pandemic, have demonstrated powerful and inspiring initiatives that are transforming their lives and their communities. Representing the globe and its endless contexts, these 10 students will lead by sharing their best practices and expertise, stepping forward in disseminating grassroots solutions to tackle the greatest challenges that our education system faces today. The Top 10 shortlisted students for The Real You Prizes will be featured in World Education Week, the biggest global online celebration of students. Annually hosted by Counseling Shortcuts, World Education Week takes place in July 2024 to share their stories of success and experiences, and hosts the Winning Ceremony where the winners are announced.

Stay Tuned to Discover the Top 10 shortlisted students named in The Real You Prizes and learn how they are creating ripples of change through their amazing work.

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