Judging Process

Applications will go through a meticulous and rigorous judging process. Discover how we will assess them.



An initial review will look at each application to ensure compliance with all of the requirements. A second review will be conducted based on the judging criteria.


Once a longlist has been proposed, we will conduct further due diligence and will invite students to an online interview to support their application.


The Educator Committee of our Review Panel will assess the shortlisted students based on their applications and interviews to select finalists.


Final evaluation packages will be sent to our judges who will vote for the winner towards the end. One surprise package awaits for the students at the end of the contest namely ‘THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE’ to encourage the competitive spirit within them.

The Judging Academy

The Judging Academy is responsible for choosing the winning students. We have invited distinguished and recognized leaders all across the India to join our Judging Academy for The Real You Prizes, coming from diverse sectors: academia, schools, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, government, civil society, private sector, journalism, and more.

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*DISCLAIMER* The Rules of The Real You Prizes shall be strictly adhered to the contest guidelines and frameworks. Counseling Shortcuts Administration reserve the rights to disqualify candidates for deviating from the rules. The administration will resolve any contingencies that may arise and will be the final arbiters regarding any doubts/ grievances. The decision taken by the administration shall be final. These Rules are not exhaustive. All queries may be addressed directly by the Counseling Shortcuts Administration. If you feel you have been misinformed, misrepresented by anyone, you are requested to file a written complaint in English or Hindi, giving categorically date, time and place, and the nature of the grievance, to enable us to take necessary actions, as per the agreements in force. For any grievance related concerns, Visit; https://counselingshortcuts.com/grievance-cell/
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