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Students from primary, secondary schools, Colleges and online schools – all schools that teach students in compulsory schooling and are legally registered with their respective Ministry of Education or government regulatory authority.

Only students from educational institutions viz. Schools and colleges can complete the application form. They need to register to create an account in order to start an application. We will not consider applications submitted by any figure other than the ones described above.

No, We accept applications only in English . However, you need to know that all our communications will be in English and Hindi. If you don’t speak either English or Hindi, we recommend you involve a speaker to support you through the process.

Applications close on March 31st, 2024.

No, we do not provide any such option with the application process , the candidate is required to complete the application in a go as he/she registers and begins to apply as per the guidelines .

No, we use the same form. All you need to do is fill the form and apply for the contest.

No, you have to apply as an individual only.

Yes, you need to have permission from a superior authority before completing the application process viz , parents , guardians or school authority .

Yes, the candidates have to pay a registration fee of INR 589/- plus the cost demanded for additional mentorship program.

Yes, We will publicly announce the schools that are on the shortlists.

The Prizes are funded by sponsorship and grant funding from organisations in the private and philanthropic sectors.

There will be one winner for the contest and two runner - ups and will be awarded accordingly.

Counseling shortcuts is a new initiative in the ed-tech industry to encourage students in every possible way and guide them with structured and well-planned resources.

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*DISCLAIMER* The Rules of The Real You Prizes shall be strictly adhered to the contest guidelines and frameworks. Counseling Shortcuts Administration reserve the rights to disqualify candidates for deviating from the rules. The administration will resolve any contingencies that may arise and will be the final arbiters regarding any doubts/ grievances. The decision taken by the administration shall be final. These Rules are not exhaustive. All queries may be addressed directly by the Counseling Shortcuts Administration. If you feel you have been misinformed, misrepresented by anyone, you are requested to file a written complaint in English or Hindi, giving categorically date, time and place, and the nature of the grievance, to enable us to take necessary actions, as per the agreements in force. For any grievance related concerns, Visit; https://counselingshortcuts.com/grievance-cell/
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