“If you get a different me that means I saw the real you”

The world’s most prestigious educational contests to celebrate the stories of students that are transforming their lives and making a real difference in their communities.

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The Real You 2024 applications LIVE NOW!

The Real You Prizes give trailblazing students a global platform to share their expertise and make change happen.

This year's Top 10 shortlists for the five Prizes will be announced in May 2024.

Join our community to be the first to hear the results.

A game-changing journey for students

We give students a platform to recognize their work, and a chance to put them on the map and have their voice heard.

Transforming education

Explore how The Real You Prizes can transform, improve, change your lives in your community – and beyond.

Celebrate Your Success

Counseling Shortcuts community in India celebrates after being shortlisted in the Top 10.

Change Lives

Initiatives to offer life changing opportunities to encourage the exceptionally gifted sensations.

Make a difference

Students get to explore their abilities and enhance their skills with excellent guidance.

Inspire the World

The illuminating writings viz. Essays of the young minds and attempt initiated through the cause.

Expand your Work

Student at our community are well trained to outshine in all fields.

Embrances Innovation

Counseling Shortcuts implements a new curriculum centred on STEM skills.

Strengthen your community

Counseling Shortcuts works to celebrate differences among its students and tackle inequalities.

Share your expertise

Counseling Shortcuts implements personal learning plans to help disadvantaged students beat the odds.

Tell your story

A cause that rose keeping in mind the necessity and requirements of the upcoming generation.

Explore more topics

Desirous in making your pen the swords to make your thoughts combat the world

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DISCLAIMER: The Rules of The Real You Prizes shall be strictly adhered to the contest guidelines and frameworks. Counseling Shortcuts Administration reserve the rights to disqualify candidates for deviating from the rules. The administration will resolve any contingencies that may arise and will be the final arbiters regarding any doubts/ grievances. The decision taken by the administration shall be final. These Rules are not exhaustive. All queries may be addressed directly by the Counseling Shortcuts Administration. If you feel you have been misinformed, misrepresented by anyone, you are requested to file a written complaint in English or Hindi, giving categorically date, time and place, and the nature of the grievance, to enable us to take necessary actions, as per the agreements in force. For any grievance related concerns, Visit; https://counselingshortcuts.com/grievance-cell/
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