Our Team

Audaciously Ambitious, Fearlessly Creative.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are passionate about revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

The Core Committees

Counseling Shortcuts did not emerge overnight; it took years of research and thousands of detailed analysis for the committee to come up with this idea. Everything that has been an integral part of the initiative is well prepared keeping in mind the requirements of students and particularly the ed-tech industry, there is a lot new that has not been given any thought till date in the education industry. The Committee aims at making education so affordable and accessible that no one ever feels deprived to get educated. The model of Counseling Shortcuts has been made keeping in mind that at any cost we have to be education-centric rather than business-centric.

Meet the force behind Counseling Shortcuts who work relentlessly to make sure you remain at the top, always.

Pranav Sharma

Founder NED & Chief Mentor

Urvashi Ranjan

Founder CEO

Guiding Strategy & Vision - Setting Benchmarks in Governance


The team's master in Sales and Marketing makes the driving force of the company. You can say we have a team of perfect marketers and chief mentors at counseling shortcuts. We prioritize what the clients are looking for. The team hardly rests and is always on toes. The team is always enthusiastic to talk to you and solve all your problems. We have an excellent team to look after business operations, marketing, academic management and expanding product outreach at the Counseling Shortcuts Group.

Process Management

The process management team brings with them the freshness of new ideas. The team knows what exactly needs to be done and at what point in time. Group of efficient who always find solutions to all your queries. A group of perfectionists who always swear by execution, vision and desire to always push the envelope has been an integral part of counseling shortcuts group success stories. Information on their tips that's what we call the team. The team looks into the brand management and operations.

Research and Development

One word i.e. sincere. Give them the task and trust them they will get it done. They are the ones who play with data and make it information. The team can easily handle complicated pages and make them simple with details. The team talks less but when they speaks they can convince you of everything. The team manages to keep the business competitive by providing insights into the market and developing new services/products or improving existing ones accordingly.

Project Management

The team stands at the place of that pillar of Counseling Shortcuts, which defines the right representation of “perfection within imperfection”. They have shown their abilities in a really less time and have transcended their goals to reach their peak. They are the ones who stands most reliable career highlight of Counseling Shortcuts. Their excellent marketing skills leaves everyone astonished and their never ending attitude to learn anything with immense interest and dedication is symbolic to their success.

General Management

A brilliant team of corporate strategists and academic advisors; they have a track record of delivering innovative solutions to business problems. They have experience in strategic business intelligence, academic expansion, academic research and development and executing projects with a strong return on investments.

Resource Management

The resource management team works on proper resource planning and allocations. The team makes sure that their organisational resources have enough capacity to deliver upcoming projects. The team works to spot problems: employee over utilization, uneven workload, or overtime and also reallocating resources, adjusting goals or requirements, or assigning new people to the team.

Innovation Council

Counseling Shortcuts Innovation Council (CSIC) sets an agenda to actively nurture innovation within Counseling Shortcuts in order to safeguard its standing as a unique corporate entity and one of the most innovative companies in the world.
Counseling Shortcuts Technology Group (CSTG), houses a state-of-the-art R&D centre and leads technology development at Counseling Shortcuts which was born out of CSIC's vision.

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