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Creative Writing Course empowers writers to put their imagination in words using a mesmerizing vocabulary. The course helps students to get unchained from their real-life boundations and expand their vocabulary, conceive fresh ideas, imagine beyond their pre-set notions, and break the boredom in their thoughts.

What you will learn

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Course Overview

In this module the candidate will learn about Creative Writing, different styles of writing, tones and difference between Blogging and Creative Writing

  • Understanding Creative Writing
  • Writing Styles, Tones, and their usage to build Write-Ups

In this module the candidate will learn about creating stories; how to create a Narrative pace and perfect draft, writing hacks and overcoming writer’s block.

  • Structure of a Story
  • Building a Narrative Pace
  • Preparing a Perfect Draft
  • Writing prompts
  • Forms of Short Fictions
  • Compiling a Book of Short Stories
  • Writing your First Book

In this module the candidate will learn about Script Writing. It consists of an introduction to Script Writing , dialogue writing, punctuating dialogues, play writing and writing subtitles

  • Introduction to Script Writing
  • Dialogues and its types
  • Play-Writing

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the misunderstood facts about creative writing is that it is never seen as mainstream career option and the creative writing courses therefore are often treated as hobby courses.

Creative writing courses provide the right platform and environment for aspiring writers and authors to gain hands-on experience in various writing forms and share their ideas with like minded people, all under the guidance of seasoned mentors. It provides the much needed confidence and support without which many individuals usually suppress their talent and creativity.

Top media houses, newspapers & magazines, niche online portals, creative and digital marketing agencies, etc. are always looking out for talented creative writers because consumers today demand fresh and enticing content. Without the right sense of creativity and ability to look beyond everyday mundane reality, writers can’t deliver compelling content on a consistent basis and keep the audience engaged.

A well-structured creative writing course also provides an in-depth understanding of various technicalities involved in different writing forms to learners and allows them to decide the right creative writing format for themselves.

The course comprises:

  • Introducing writers to four main genres of professional creative writing — Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, and Drama
  • Developing skills to form the right backdrop for a storyline, creatively construct a thought, create plots & subplots, and provide a sequence to the story towards peak through creativity and imagination
  • Improve the overall quality of writing by using idioms, similes, metaphors, dialogues, etc.
  • Develop advance research skills to identify and curate valubale pices of information and data points to bring a sense of authenticity in your writings
  • Gain the skill to develop vivid characters and gripping plot to engage and entertain your readers
  • Experience practical learning through a series of authentic writing assignments created to gain the skills you need
  • Learn the tools and techniques to publish and distribute your writings throgh various traditional and digital platforms

Copywriting, content writing, web content creation, magazine/newspaper journalist, proofreader, content editor, primary executive, writing teacher, social media manager, and web content manager are just a few of the professional choices available to you thanks to your ability.

Writing classes, on the whole, are worthwhile since they provide a quick way to improve your writing skills. Creative writing classes are worthwhile in terms of collaborating with other writers on new ideas. Courses can concentrate on creativity, writing craft, or specializations like journalism or blogging

Factual, objective, and free of emotions and distortions in content writing. The writing is dispassionate and objective, with technical language and concise words. Blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, novels, handbooks, newsfeeds, and other platforms employ creative writing.

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