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Unusual Scholarships

When most people think about the different kinds of college scholarships, they think about awards that are based on test scores, GPAs or athletic accomplishments. However, there are a number of unusual scholarships that look for more unique factors. Read below to learn more about unusual scholarships, where to find them and how they work.

What is an unusual scholarship?

While most scholarships are given to students based on some kind of academic criteria, such as merit scholarship or other traditional scholarship based on musical, artistic, etc., unusual scholarships have requirements that are outside the norm.

For example, the Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest rewards students who create fashionable prom outfits from duct tape. You don’t need to have good grades or a stellar essay in order to win this scholarship – just an eye for fashion.

Some scholarships will give out awards to students based on personal characteristics they can’t control. For example, the Tall clubs International Students Scholarships  is given to a student who is eligible for membership in Tall Clubs International. The minimum height requirement for men is 6’2”, and the minimum height for women iTall Clubs International Student Scholarships 5’10”.

Because unusual scholarships are different from regular scholarships, it’s even more imperative to read through the requirements so you understand how to qualify and what to submit. Make sure to also read the frequently asked questions and contact the scholarship administrator if you’re confused about any details.

How to apply for an unusual scholarship

Students interested in unusual scholarships should start searching for them early on in their high school careers. Many of these scholarships are not limited to just High school seniors or juniors.

Many weird or unusual scholarships reward students who can be creative and unique. These scholarships are not necessarily easier to win than regular awards, and they may require more ingenuity.

Finding unusual scholarships is harder, simply because there are fewer of them available. You can start with a scholarship search  at Scholarships.com, which will automatically match you to unusual scholarships as well as any others you qualify for. We also have an entire section of our Scholarship directory dedicated to scholarships by special attributes to help students find less traditional awards easily.

It’s impossible to predict if you’ll win a scholarship, and that doesn’t change if you’re applying for unique or weird scholarships.. The best thing you can do is double-check all the requirements, make sure the application is submitted before the deadline and try to stand out as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions about unusual scholarships

Are unusual scholarships easier to win?

While there are many unusual scholarships with fewer criteria, others still have strict requirements. For example, the Scholars helping collars scholarships is given to a student who can demonstrate how they helped a rescue animal or promoted animal welfare. Crafting a well-written essay and having a compelling story will be key to winning this scholarship.

What are some of the best unusual scholarships?

The best unusual scholarships are the ones that you can get just by basically submitting something you are required to do for a class. No essay or other requirements that can take up a lot of your time. The National Candy Technologist Scholarships  is awarded to a college sophomore, junior or senior with a demonstrated interest in confectionery technology. This can include many activities including but not limited to research projects, work experience, and formal study.

What are some of the easiest unusual scholarships?

One type of unusual scholarship with a simple application is a sweepstake, which is essentially like a lottery system. Scholarship contests and sweepstakes don’t base winners on factors like grades, test scores or extracurriculars. Instead, you simply fill out a very brief application and submit it by the deadline. A winner will be chosen randomly.

Scholarship sweepstakes are impossible to predict, so students shouldn’t count on them. If they’re easy to apply for, go ahead and fill out the application. But if there are a lot of hoops to jump through, then focus on scholarships where you have a better chance of winning.

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Twins Days Festival Twins Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 6/6/2023
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Each year the Twins Days Festival Committee honors a set of twins, who are graduating seniors, who exhibit exceptional efforts in both school and community service, and share their experience being a twin”, and what effect, if any, it will have on your career choice. The Twins Days Festival makes available a scholarship ($1,000 per twin) to help a set of qualified twins with upcoming college.

Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

  • Application Deadline: 6/7/2023
  • Amount: $10,000
  • We’re giving away $20,000 in cash scholarships to high school students who make the best prom attire out of Duck® Brand Duct Tape! New this year? We want to make sure everyone has a chance to enter and win no matter what prom looks like for you. So, we have removed the requirement to wear your one-of-a-kind creation to prom — you just need to be enrolled in high school or a home school.

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest

  • Application Deadline: 6/13/2023
  • Amount: $1,500
  • The annual Ocean Awareness Contest is a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, and become advocates for positive change. Students are invited to create Visual Art (any medium), Creative Writing, Film, Interactive & Multimedia, Performing Arts: Music & Dance, and Poetry & Spoken Word that explores their connection to water.

John Kitt Memorial AACT Scholarship Fund

  • Application Deadline: 6/15/2023
  • Amount: $2,500
  • To be eligible for the John Kitt Memorial AACT Scholarship Fund, applicants must: be an incoming college sophomore, junior or senior during the upcoming academic year; have a demonstrated interest in confectionery technology; attend an accredited, four-year college or university within North America; be majoring in a food science, chemical science, biological science or related area.

National Potato Council Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 6/24/2023
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Each year, the Potato Leadership, Education and Advancement Foundation (Potato LEAF) awards one $10,000 academic scholarship to a graduate student with strong interest in research that can directly benefit the potato industry. Research focus may include basic research or applied research that improves potato production efficiency, addresses pest management and disease issues, increases consumer.

Shade Sail Design Challenge Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 7/15/2023
  • Amount: $3,000
  • At Tenshon, we have the interesting and challenging task of merging form and function, creativity with practicality…and we employ valued individuals who glorify these tasks on a daily basis. Whether we are working on large commercial projects, such as stadiums and corporate offices, or taking on more intimate residential spaces, our designers must learn to adapt quickly, perform creatively.

Minecraft Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 7/31/2023
  • Amount: $2,000
  • Students are able to apply for our $2,000 scholarship which can be used towards tuition for their next semester at college. All drawings will be done early August each year after submission deadlines have passed. All interested students will be required to write a short essay about their opinion on how Minecraft can be a positive influence within their education and career development.

Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 9/1/2023
  • Amount: $2,500
  • The Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship for students and professionals changing others’ lives through wellness and beauty. If you’re ready to begin a fulfilling and rewarding career in the beauty and wellness industry, or if you are continuing your education to pursue your next career goal, submit the application form below for the chance to win a $2,500.

American Board of Funeral Service Education – National Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 9/1/2023
  • Amount: $2,500
  • The National Scholarship Program of the American Board of Funeral Service Education was established to provide financial awards to students enrolled in funeral service or mortuary science programs to assist them in obtaining their professional education. Established during the 1960’s the program has awarded scholarships to hundreds of students. Scholarships are generally from $1,500 – $2,500.

L. Ron Hubbard Writers of The Future Contest

  • Application Deadline: 9/30/2023
  • Amount: $5,000
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest is an opportunity for new writers of science fiction and fantasy to have their work judged by some of the masters in the field and discovered by a wide audience. No entry fee is required and entrants retain all publication rights. Entries in the Writers of the Future Contest are adjudicated only by professional writers. Prizes of $1000, $750 and $500.

Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc. Founders Fund Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 10/1/2023
  • Amount: $5,000
  • The Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc. Founders Fund Scholarship is offered annually to a single recipient who has demonstrated excellence and outstanding dedication in a field of study that falls within an environmental field of a school or department. It was the hope of the founders that the recipient will use this scholarship to assist his or her studies.

Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 10/13/2023
  • Amount: Varies
  • The science of crystallography has played a key role in the development of X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, and neutron diffraction for the elucidation of the atomic structure of matter. Crystallography is an interdisciplinary branch of science taught in departments of physics, chemistry, geology, molecular biology, metallurgy, and material science. 

CME Beef Industry Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 10/30/2023
  • Amount: $1,500
  • The Beef Industry Scholarship was introduced in 1989 through Live Cattle Futures Contract of the CME Group. The National Cattlemen’s Foundation and CME Group are committed to the future of the cattle industry and continue to recognize and support outstanding youth in the beef community. The tradition remains strong today, each year a total of ten $1,500.00 scholarships are awarded to students.

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

  • Application Deadline: 11/25/2023
  • Amount: $2,000
  • All high school seniors may compete for college scholarships totaling $4,250 at the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. A copy of the contestants high school transcript must be provided at registration along with a proper ID.
    The first-place winner will receive $2,000. Second place will receive $1,000, 3rd place will receive $750, and 4th place will receive $500.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Go Texan Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 1/31/2024
  • Amount: $20,000
  • The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s educational programs are a significant part of the Show’s goals of benefiting youth, supporting education, and facilitating better agricultural practices through exhibitions and presentation. All recipients of Show scholarships must demonstrate academic potential, citizenship/leadership and financial need, and they must attend a Texas college.

Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread Video Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 2/1/2024
  • Amount: $3,000
  • Martin’s® is offering scholarship prizes of up to $3,000 to eligible students who create a video advertisement to promote Martin’s® new Sweet Dinner and/or Sweet Party Potato Rolls. Students may create a video ad for either YouTube or Instagram Reels. The student with the best advertisement for each category will be awarded $3,000. 

Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 2/20/2024
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, The Vegetarian Resource Group each year will award $20,000 in college scholarship money to graduating U.S. high school students who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or fowl. Vegans are vegetarians who do not use other animal products such as dairy or eggs. Three awards will be given. 

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships

  • Application Deadline: 3/1/2024
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Tall Clubs International Foundation awards annual scholarships to deserving High School Seniors in North America (United States and Canada only). TCI Foundation receives scholarship nominations from Tall Club International’s local member clubs and members-at-large across North America. 

Loyola University Zolp Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 3/1/2024
  • Amount: Varies
  • The Wm. Zolp Scholarship is an endowed scholarship available to pay toward tuition to any Catholic student by the last name of Zolp who attends Loyola University Chicago. A copy of a birth certificate and a baptismal or confirmation certificate confirming the last name of Zolp and that the applicant is Catholic must be filed with the Financial Aid Office. 

Doodle for Google Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 3/14/2024
  • Amount: $30,000
  • Use your imagination to create a Google Doodle based on what you’re grateful for. Students can work with any materials they choose, but all Doodles must be entered using the entry form. Parents and teachers can mail the completed entry form or submit it online as a .png or .jpg. The National Winner’s artwork will be displayed on Google.com for one day. 

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

  • Application Deadline: 3/15/2024
  • Amount: Varies
  • To be eligible for a Dolphin Scholarship Foundation award, applicants must: be a dependent of a current member or former member of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force; be a high school senior or be currently enrolled as a student in a college 

Bird Dog Foundation Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest

  • Application Deadline: 4/15/2024
  • Amount: $2,000
  • The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. has established a Scholarship Fund to promote interest in hunting, wildlife conservation, the rich outdoor heritage of the United States, and other related subjects. An annual College Scholarship Essay Contest has been held for several years now. The contest was created in the hopes that it would promote interest in and education about the aforementioned subjects 

Asparagus Club Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 4/15/2024
  • Amount: $8,000
  • The Asparagus Club awards a maximum of ten scholarships per year. Each scholarship is $2,000 per semester not to exceed four consecutive semesters. Recipients must retain full-time student status and earn at least a 2.5 GPA to earn a scholarship each semester/quarter. Scholarships are available to rising college freshman through postgraduate studies.

The Collegiate Inventors Competition

  • Application Deadline: Varies
  • Amount: $100,000
  • The Collegiate Inventors Competition, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Invent Now is a national competition that recognizes and rewards innovations, discoveries, and research by college and university students and their faculty advisers. Students frequently come from science, engineering, mathematics, and technology studies.

9 Incoming Scholarships For International Students with Fall Deadlines


  1. Chevening Scholarship
  2. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship
  3. APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship
  4. INPEX Scholarship
  5. Sir John Monash Fee Scholarship
  6. KU Scholarship
  7. Jardine Scholarship Awards
  8. Beyond Academic Admissions Scholarship 
  9. The Stamps Schlarship

International students know best that studying abroad costs a fortune. Here, going to college for ultra-cheap or even free may seem like an impossible dream. Thanks to these incoming scholarships for international students, however, your path to that dream might just be less rocky! 

Here’s an ultimate list of Fall college scholarships for you apply for. These scholarship are for those ready to set their foot on the bigger world. Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

1. Cheveing  Scholarship 

Sponsor: Chevening

Amount of Award: Up to £18,000

Deadline: November 1, 2022

Let’s admit it: the UK is one the best countries in the world to live your dream of study abroad.
A welcoming culture and excellent academic reputation  are two of many reasons hundreds of thousands of people fly to the country to pursue their degrees each year.

While there’s no denying that studying in the UK comes at a high price, the Chevening Scholarship can help you with that. The best thing about the Chvening Scholarship is that it is available to students from over 160 countries across the globes!

2. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

Sponsor: University of Toronto

Amount of Award: Varied 

Deadline: November 30, 2022

Did you know Canada ranks first in the best places to study in North America? The country is home to several internationally recognized universities, one of which is the University of Toronto. Also Known as UOFT, the university is renowned for pioneering research in substantial disciplines.

To help you cut down money on your tution fees Uoft provides international student with the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship. Besides covering tutions, it pay for other educational needs, including books, incidental fees, and more for four years.

3. APU Tution Reduction Scholarship 

Sponsor: Ritumeikan Asia Pacific University

Amount of Award: Varied

Deadline: October 19, 2022

Japan is undoubtedly the most popular country in Asia for studying abroad. If you’re looking for a place with abundant employment opportunities, This  is the country for you. One of the best universities in Japan to attend is Ritumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU).

It exhibits an excellent education, gaining international recognition. Among The many incoming scholarship for international students is the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship, which promises 0% tuition for the brightest students! Now, who can really say no to this?

4. INPEX Scholarship

Sponsor: INPEX Scholarship 

Amount of Award: ¥160,000 per month

Deadline: October 31 every year 

Students from Indonesia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a chance to win this generous scholarship! The program has a long history, with the first applications opening in 1981, while they originally meant it only for Indonesian students, INPEX Corporation is expanding its reach since 2022.

As the company aims to introduce Japan to the world, it encourages application to show great interest in the related field. If you’ve always aspired to pursue a degree in Natural Sciences, Cultural Sciences, or Social Sciences, gives this opportunity a shot.

5. Sir John Monash Fee Scholarship 

Sponsor: Monash University

Amount of Award: Varied 

Deadline: October 15 to November 15 every year

When choosing a country to study abroad in, you might as well go somewhere far, far away. After all it might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you’re ready to sail across the globe, Australia is waiting for you. Australia is known for its quality education providers.

Monash university, for example, is one of the top public universities in the state boasting a 57th place in the QS World University Rankings 2023. In welcoming international students, the university offer the Sir John Monash Fee Scholarship with a total scholarship value of 100% tuition reimbursement.

Sounds like a super sweet deal, dosen’t it?

6. KU Scholarship 

Sponsor: Khalifa University Scholarship 

Amount of Award: Varied 

Deadline: October 23, 2022

Considering studying  in the UAE? Khalifa University may be the best for you to work towards your full potential. It’s even better if you have a huge interest in research and advancement of science.

While it’s well known that the overall cost of living in the UAE is expensive, you shouldn’t worry about it. With full and partial KU scholarships, you can live comfortably, ensuring your focus on your studies.

All you need to do is demonstrate superior  academic performance and personal qualities to win these incoming scholarships for international students.

7. Jardine Scholarship Awards 

Sponsor: Jardine Foundation

Amount of Award: Varied 

Deadline: October 21, 2022

Another great financial aid let you study abroad in the UK stress-free is the Jardine Scholarship Awards. This scholarship has changed the lives of over 400 students in 11 countries, and it can change yours too.

In fact, the foundation has strong connections to the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, two of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Besides the full scholarship, you’ll be eligible for an internship at the Jardine Matheson Group. What a wonderful way to maximize your study abroad experience.

8. Beyond Academic Admissions Scholarship

Sponsor: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Amount of Award: HK$50,000

Deadline: November 20 every year

Studying abroad is not only great for meeting your academic needs. Through this opportunity, you can also prepare for your future career or try  to become an expert. Fortunately, HKUST welcomes students who wish to realize their plan since college.

HKUST accepts many purposes, from arts to sports to entrepreneurship. All it takes for you to sieze this opportunity is to meet academic requirements and showcase experience in relation to your goals.

9. The Stamps Scholarship 

Sponsor: University of Miami 

Amount of Award: Varied

Deadline: November 1 every year

For many, the American Dream is not dead. The proof is that millions of students comes to the U.S. every year to pursue their degrees and, of course, to live the so-called American Dream. And what better place to achieve this than the University of Miami, with its national reputation and unmatched academic support?

Among the many scholarship the institute offers, the Stamps Scholarship is obviously the most prestigious merit award. It’s a full package of tuition, housing, meal plans, health insurance, and more! (Write the best essay) every and go get that golden ticket to your American Dream. 

Did any of these deals catch your eye? May these incoming scholarship for international students help you reduce your financial burden and make your dreams come true. To increase your chances of winning, read carefully what you have to prepare in advance and apply properly.