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Counseling Shortcuts Sets Students Up For Success With:

Top Career Options

Get your child the unique angle to stand out in crowd and help achieve their career goals

Create Your Unique Persona

Use our AI Powered advance platform on skill assessments, mentoring, career counseling, online learning & corporate readiness to provide over 50+ assessments for your career setup

Elite Mentoring

Creating Confident Communicators

Live 1:1 Online Classes for Public Speaking & Creative Writing to improve fluency, confidence and transform your overall personality


Personalized Guidance

A blend of traditional and online learning to give students the best e-learning platform in this new normal

The Real You - A game-changing journey for students

India's 1st educational reality contest to celebrate the stories of students that are transforming their lives and making a real difference in their communities


Passionate About Helping Students Find Fulfillment And Achievement

India's 1st Startup India Recognized company impacting students through 1:1 personalized classess on academics, public speaking and creative writing through top handpicked teachers. Our students participate in various debate's, national and international talent oylmpiad's, create their own podcast channels, perform on stage, write nail-biting stories and become confident and fearless speaker's

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